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Potential Engagement Topics:


Five Signs of a Healthy Christian

Breakdown:  Many Christians walk around anemic in their Christian life. This book challenges readers on five levels. Loving Jesus, Loving the Word, being emotionally resilient, being Spirit led, and being outwardly focused (missional). Ron is prepared to talk on any or all the five signs.

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  • Online Healthy Christian Survey
  • Online Healthy Christian videos


Mobilizing the Church for Missions

Breakdown:  This is one of Ron’s favorite subjects and a personal passion. Having spent a lifetime in outreach ministries, Ron is well equipped to talk on subjects  ranging from Economic and community development, to Cause marketing, or the affects of addictions on a community.


  • Wired for Ministry Class
  • Wired for Ministry Workbook
  • Wired for Ministry Online Test

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  • Online Spiritual Gifts Survey


Wired for Ministry

Breakdown:  So many Christians are unaware of how God has created them for ministry. Wired for Ministry involves people finding out their Spiritual Gifts, Mission Drive, Ministry Skills, and Ministry Preferences. Ron can talk on any one of these topics or combine them into one message.

Ron has taught this book to over 5000 incoming students at Moody Bible Institute. Close to 1,000,000 views on his Spiritual gifts materials.


  • Wired for Ministry Class
  • Wired for Ministry Workbook
  • Wired for Ministry Online Test

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  • Free online Spiritual Gifts Survey


Topic #1 Emotional Relearning™

Breakdown:  Besides undergraduate and graduate studies in Psychology, Ron trained in:

  •  Relapse prevention by Terrance Gorski and the CENAPS program
  • Successful recovery programs, is a Recovery Coach, and has
  • training in neurofeedback 
  • Integrated Listening systems- Safe and Sound Protocol by Dr. Steven Porges
  • Written his theory on change called Emotional Relearning™ that emphasizes the emotional learning during childhood trauma and how we need to rewire the brain through various neurostimulation techniques including his Emotional Relearning™ protocol.


  • How to become emotionally resilient
  • The epidemic of childhood trauma
  • Anxiety, panic,
  • Addictions, relapse
  • Chronic Fatigue, chemical sensitivity and chronic pain
  • How to Trauma Proof Yourself.

Give Away(s) :

  • Trauma Proof You and Your Family
  • The 3 Keys To Emotional Resilience.