Moment in the Word: Daily Moments That Feed Your Soul

Do you long for depth in your relationship with God? Do you want to get past the surface and have a deeply spiritual experience where your deepest needs are met and your heart is nurtured? In Moment in the Word, Ron Ovitt takes you on a yearlong voyage through the scriptures that evokes praise, reflection, and worship. On the journey, you will meet with the Living God who will comfort and encourage your soul.

Wired for Ministry: Assess Your Passions, Spiritual Gifts, Experience, and Abilities for Ministry

Most people in the church aren’t involved in meaningful ministry. Are you? Has God put a longing in your heart to serve Him, but you don’t know where to begin? Do you know what your God-given ministry abilities are? This book holds the secrets to unlock your ministry potential! With the insights from this book, you will discover your spiritual gifts, ministry preferences, ministry skills, and your unique ministry drive.

The Five Signs of a Healthy Christian: How to be a spiritually healthy and vibrant Christian

You can have a healthy vibrant Christian life now! Let us show you how. You can go to church but that doesn’t mean you are living what Christ called the “abundant life.” There are spiritual disciplines that lead to a life that is full of faith and joy. Order today and discover the five signs of a healthy Christian.

Gifted: Easy to use guide that helps you assess, discover, and use your spiritual gifts

Are you confused about spiritual gifts? If you’re not sure what they are or how to use them, Gifted is for you. In this 47-page guide, Pastor Ron Ovitt reviews the various gifts that God has given to the church and to us as individual believers and consider how each applies to you.