God loves you. But how do you emotionally accept that?

For much of my life I struggled with believing that God could truly love me. To be more exact, I wasn’t able to receive His love.

I struggled with shame for a long time, and once read about rejecting the lies that I am unloved and unforgivable. The author wrote a prayer that he asked me to pray out loud. The prayer thanked God for me being unconditionally loved. When I tried, I could not say it! I wasn’t sure what was going on. My brain read it, but my mouth could not say the words “I am unconditionally loved” out loud. It was as if impending doom hung over my head, and uttering those words would release it!

I remember feeling such a deep shame before God that I could not even say those words. I tried repeating the prayer a few days later and the same thing happened. I wrestled with it for several attempts until finally I whispered it. As soon as I whispered it I reacted like I was going to get hit! But nothing happened… Joy and tears came over me when I wasn’t rebuffed! “Maybe it’s true,” I thought. Just maybe…

A few days later I read it again, but this time louder. Over time I came to realize that my struggle wasn’t with God’s unconditional love, but with the fact that I felt unlovable. And eventually, I started to believe in my heart that God did love me because He created me as a creation of His love. I was lovable in His sight! I was finally able to receive His love.  

There are different kinds of prayer.

Some need to only be asked once. But there are some prayers that need to be repeated, not forever, but until the parts of the prayer that are hard to believe become second nature.

Perhaps you too are wrestling with receiving God’s love. Maybe you feel that deep in your core you are unlovable– I did.

I don’t want you to be bogged down in the same shame and despair that I was, so I have written a prayer to help you overcome that shameful belief. When you pray it out loud, listen for your own hesitations. Listen for your own internal arguments. Challenge it, wrestle with it, take it to God and keep reading it daily until it becomes emotionally true for you. You will be praying the truth, so pray it out loud until the truth sets you free!


Lord, I refuse to believe that lie that I am unlovable or unacceptable in your sight. Instead, I receive and totally accept your unconditional love for me. There is nothing that I have done, or could ever do, to deserve it. You love me and I accept it… I do not have to prove my worth to You, because you already see me as valuable, loveable and significant! I am your child, loved and accepted by you. Thank You Lord for this truth.

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