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"In my decades of ministry I have walked and interacted with countless Christians in many churches. Over time I have consistently seen 5 traits healthy Christians have in common, and healthy churches work to grow in their members. These traits, it’s no surprise, are deeply embedded in God’s word.

One of the wisest things we can do is find what works and replicate it. In the process we internalize, and make those things our own.

Empower Ministry exists to help you do just that. We will walk with you as you learn what works and make it your own."

Ronald Ovitt  //  Empower Ministry

Here are the 5 traits of Healthy Christians:

In the menu above you will find more information and next steps in all 5 of these areas. We live in a time when information is overabundant, and often contradictory. Don’t waste this chance to move forward in your journey with Christ. Our ministry is not just about giving you the correct information; it is about helping you do the right thing with that information.

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